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Specializing in the care of chronic and difficult cases through drugless non-surgical methods.  Dr. Picard uses such therapies, procedures, and services as Myoneural Rehabilitation, NeuroIntegrative Therapy, Brain Based Therapies, Nutritional Counseling, Nutritional Supplements, Sensory Based Therapies, QEEG/Brain Mapping, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, Primitive Reflex Remediation, Proprioceptive Therapy, Auditory Therapy, Sensory Based Therapies, Visual Therapy and much more.  

Meet the Practitioner

Dr. Roy J. Picard, DC, D.NMSc, FAAIM

They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I can honestly say that after being in practice for over 27 years that I truly love what I do. I’ve always had a strong desire to help individuals who have been told that “nothing can be done,” “you will have to live like this” or “your only option is surgery or drugs.”

Many of these people are looking for an answer on how they can get well. Doctors who practice traditional medicine have a great track record for helping individuals with emergencies and acute conditions; however, when it comes to helping those with chronic health conditions, their track record is not as good. I am not a medical doctor and I do not give drugs or offer surgery. There is no greater reward to me than to help individuals suffering from chronic and difficult health issues in a safe, proven manner. I take great pride whether it involves helping someone resolve their chronic pain, helping a child with neurobehavioral disorders, a frustrated women lose weight, or a senior reduce or resolve their neuropathy.

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