Chronic Back & Neck Pain

Disc Stenosis, and Chronic Back & Neck Pain

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Chronic Back & Neck Pain

According to the National Institute of Health, in the US there are millions who suffer from chronic pain. Traditional medical care includes muscle relaxers, pain pills, physical therapy, and surgery. Many people are concerned with the idea of having surgery as well as the side effects of medications.

Common Questions:

  • “What else can be done when the medications don’t work?”
  • “What can be done to avoid surgery?”
  • “What can be done after surgery has failed?”

To understand the options available in dealing with severe or chronic pain, you first need to understand the different causes that are often responsible.

Common causes of severe, chronic back and neck pain:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated or bulging disc(s)
  • Spinal stenosis

All of these conditions have one main thing in common: they all are related to an unstable spine. It’s possible that you may have had a traumatic injury that has led to your spinal condition; however, most people reveal to me that acute trauma is often not involved. Most cases reveal a history that involves long-term degeneration. Understand that the spinal muscles are all under the control of the brain and nerve system. When the brain function is not balanced from one hemisphere to the other, the muscles on one side of the spine will be weaker than that of the other side. As a result, an improper tone of the spinal muscles can lead to excess wear and tear, decreased spinal motion and stability, which can lead to degenerative disc disease, a herniated or bulging disc(s), or spinal stenosis. When dealing with these conditions, it is important to evaluate for proper brain function. If an imbalance in brain function is found then chiropractic neurological techniques and brain-based therapies will be beneficial in allowing for proper support of the spine.

With these conditions (degenerative disc disease, a herniated or bulging discs, or spinal stenosis) specific therapies are available that directly focus on decompressing and restoring proper motion to those segments of the spine involved. Flexion distraction techniques, decompression, as well as other techniques have been found to be extremely effective and generally can be applied with little to no discomfort.

Chronic conditions can also be influenced by systemic and regional inflammation. Decreasing the inflammation through proper diet and nutritional support can work well to allow a greater response to other forms of care that we are able to provide.

Utilizing a multi-assessment/care plan for chronic pain cases has proven to increase the ability to provide difficult cases both relief and often full resolution of pain where other forms of care have either failed or offered little relief. Chiropractic neurology, functional endocrinology, brain-based therapies, and nutrition, when used together have given many severe, chronic pain patients the relief and resolution of their symptoms.

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